Here is a series of comics that Tasha made, where she tells a different side of my life after being diagnosed with a stupid-butt tumour I got a few years back, how it eventually lead to us meeting and becoming the besties we are today. If you have any questions about anything for either Tash or I, or if you just want a big couple of ears to talk to if you are going through anything similar, we are right here –


our_story_01aour_story_01b our_story_02 our_story_03a our_story_03b our_story_04a our_story_04b our_story_05a our_story_05b our_story_06 our_story_07a our_story_07b our_story_07c


By the way, if you are wondering why we are how we are in that stonehenge imagine, THIS will explain it… UwU