• Why is the comic called Tizzy Stitchbird?

In New Zealand there is a place special to Tasha and I in a tiny coastal town called Hihi, which is Maori for Stitchbird, a rare bird in New Zealand. There are deeper meaning behind it but these will forever remain between Tasha and I. Oh, and Tizzy is not only a fun word but it’s a great explanation of Tasha and I like 95% of the time.

  • Why do Shane and Tasha call each other ‘egg’?

‘Egg’ is a New Zealand slang word which basically means someone is an idiot or clown but in a nicer way. We started calling each other it one day and it just sort of stuck with us and it’s now a thing UwU

  • I want to start a webcomic, where do I start?

I basically followed this to the letter. This cool dude knows what he’s talking about. Also, THIS by Spike and the last post on Kate Beaton’s about page HERE.