Tasha has recently started singing this in the mornings while strutting/flaunting around like a Tasha. IT’S LIKE SHE KNOWS SHE’S CUTE OR SOMETHING!
The song: www.youtube.com/watch?v=verGaN7A_aU



GUYS! We are partaking in an drawing thing this coming weekend with a bunch of other amazing artists! Click HERE to see the post on Imgur to see w to celebrate our awesome friend Mar Mai getting a massive shout out from Robert Downey Jr for a piece of art she did! The image itself can be seen on the Imgur post. For the drawing thing, you can tell us to draw whatever you want (just don’t ask us to draw anything too crazy, no Mona Lisa’s kay? They’ll also be black and white >w<) You can leave a drawing suggestion in the comment section on the Imgur page (not on my website/down below) and then wait to see if it gets drawn on Saturday! All the rules and stuff are (once again) on the Imgur page >w<

The artists:

  1. Hoi Butt! – Tethered
  2. ME!
  3. Cup – CUP O SNARK
  4. Kolonel Koffee
  5. Kari Spooner – Kari Spinz
  6. Scribble Graph – Scibblegraph
  7. Red and Flynn – Liars Dice
  8. Vidar

Go leave a comment you guys! >:D