Shane and Tasha have finally been overwhelmed with too many ghosts and pigs, they realised this after discovering the infestation had invaded the pantry and ate/destroyed ALL of their cookies.

To try and recover from this complete tragedy, Shane and Tasha have decided to adopt them out for $2 a month so they can replace the much-missed cookies, as well as make repairs to their obliterated pantry! All adopted creatures also come with their own super official adoption certificate too, which you can print out and put on your fridge or include in your CV before your next job interview or something! New pigs and ghosts will get added below every once in awhile and any creatures that don’t get adopted over a certain period of time will be freed into the wild to start a tribe against us all, SO YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

If you would like to adopt a creature, click on the big Patreon button below! Sometimes there are non-ghost and pig creatures available for adoption too as they come available, so keep those peepers peeled (I will more than likely announce it on a comic blog update!)

Please note – Adoptables are only -fully- available to Patrons after initial pledges have successfully been processed. You can however reserve your prefered adoptable until payment has gone through at the beginning of the month.