It’s under a month until Hoi Butt and I do that there marriage thing, so things are gonna get a little hectic and mental over the next coming weeks so a big sorry if we are not the fastest at replying to comments and whatknot during that time.

The wedding is on the 24th of June, as a few peoples have been asking UwU

Tasha and I have also just completed a video for my Patreon page which is up and SUPER CORNY/CRAZY as you would probably come to expect from us. Have a nosy if you are feeling a little bit mental yourself <3

We will more than likely be active on Twitter more than anything else during the time coming up to the wedding, so if you wanna stalk us and doing our various doings then click on the dumb picture of Dave below being a problem for us, AGAIN

It’s the only way to get him out of there when he’s being like this…